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Is Your Business or Client a Victim of Fraud?

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Protect your business and your clients

When you suspect fraud, you need more than a private investigator who is educated about fraud. You need a professional fraud investigator who is not only educated about the issue, but who has the skills, knowledge and know how developed through decades of hands-on training and experience. You need one who has conducted hundreds of fraud investigations, and knows the ins and outs of fraud schemes and how to spot them; one who understands specific intent, and knows what to look for and how to prove it.

With Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc., you will receive a thorough and professional investigation that will provide you accurate facts and proof of specific intent if it exists. These facts will allow you to develop winning strategies that give you a real advantage.

Before we start to work your case it is imperative that we consult with you to be sure we are on the same page. During this initial consultation we listen carefully to the challenges you face; gather all the information you have; gain your insight into the case; discuss the goals to be achieved; and suggest strategies and tactics to resolve those challenges in the most advantageous manner.

Our firm conducts thorough independent investigations and litigation support services for companies, in-house counsel and law firms. While working closely with local counsel, we perform objective third party inquiries without disrupting your organization’s operation. We put our experience and training to use to discreetly analyze complex fraud schemes and other threats to your businesses and bring them to a quick and efficient resolution. Our interviewing techniques yield high success rates for obtaining voluntary admissions and solving complex cases.

We serve the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area and the entire state of Minnesota.