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About Us

Our Foundation

IntegrityOur Mission:

At Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. we help our clients’ identify and eradicate fraud. We provide them with the power of knowledge. We bring added information and insight to clarify client understanding of the challenges facing them. We objectively conduct probing interviews, quality research and professional investigations to provide our clients with previously uncovered, analyzed, verifiable and authentic data. This process results allows our clients to have a better understanding of the various solutions and winning strategies available to them.

Our investigative focus is on fraud identification and prevention in the legal and business communities of Minneapolis, MN. Our focus in the area of our expertise allows our experienced investigators to utilize their skills and gives our clients good value for their investment and an economic advantage. We provide our clients information they need to protect their clients and business. We also provide them with new services and capabilities that free up their time so they can focus on what they do best.

Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. provides a valuable resource to our clients as their security consultants. We are available 24/7 so our clients can tap in to our resources and discuss their current issues. This fosters a team approach in creating solutions that are best for all. Moreover, by outsourcing investigative and information gathering tasks to Cadfael Investigation Group, Inc. our clients receive the added advantage of our decades of experience, which allows them to avoid many problems and minimize others, thereby significantly increasing their business capacity and productivity.

We help our clients reduce internal losses allowing them to be more profitable, provide a healthy, satisfying, and more stress-free work environment, achieve a more efficient security team, and become more competitive through decrease in losses.

Our clients benefit by improved employee loyalty, increased profitability, and less time and resources spent managing internal losses.

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Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to identify and eradicate fraud for our clients.

Our Values:

We are client focused. Our team is dedicated to excellence. We provide quality, confidential investigative services and consulting services to our clients to enhance their performance, productivity and profitability. We are a leader in our industry. We identify and analyze fraud schemes. We value integrity and show respect for our profession and to all we serve.

Client Focused:
Our focus is to identify and meet the needs of our clients. We operate in a culture of ethical behavior, professionalism and objectivity. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Our job is not done until we have resolved our client’s problem.

Our product is our investigative service. We utilize various sources to insure we gather sufficient information to meet the needs of our client.We analyze and evaluate the information and evidence we uncover for accuracy and relevance. Our investigative skills and techniques are of the highest caliber. We take pride in our continued training and education.

We are dedicated to conduct thorough investigations that provide our client verified information that best meets their objectives.

Our clients can trust Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. with confidential information. All information received is held in the strictest of confidence. We provide our clients a privacy statement that certifies the information shared will be treated with the highest respect and confidentiality.

Our clients and their success is the core of our success. We treat our clients, and all individuals, with respect and dignity.

Integrity is a necessary part of being a professional investigator; this is a position of trust and responsibility. Without integrity, investigative results have little value and less impact. Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. was nominated for the 2007 Integrity Award by the Better Business Bureau. Our investigators have received achievement awards for the high quality of their work. One such award was awarded to our founder, Mr. Thomas M. Rucke, from the director of the U.S. Secret Service.

We lead by example. We are constantly striving to improve the investigative services we provide our clients. Our professionalism and dedication to the art of investigation has catapulted Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. into a leadership role in the field of professional investigators.

We work as a team with our clients. By cooperating with our clients we have the best opportunity to resolve the challenges they face. Because of our team members extensive experience we are able to concentrate our combined resources to benefit our client and provide the best possible results.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. We work hard to give our clients the accurate facts so they can make sound decisions. After each investigation we engage in a debriefing session to identify those tactics that were effective and those that were not as effective. We do this because we continually strive to find new ways to improve the quality of our investigative services.

We believe that something worth doing is worth doing well. We are committed to providing the best investigative service available to our clients so they have sufficient information to make sound decisions.

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Our Staff

teamwCadfael Investigative Group, Inc has assembled a team of seasoned fraud investigators with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement experience and credentials, plus the insight of an experienced investigator from the corporate world to give our clients the best possible advantage. If immediate action is required, our experienced investigators work with your senior management team and law enforcement to assist your organization in prosecution and restitution.  

We have established protocols for quality assurance, and to provide a consistent work product for our clients. Internal controls have been put in place to supervise each case from beginning to end. Our home office analyzes the procedures and completes the preliminary investigative steps to insure all leads are investigated and nothing is overlooked during the investigation. We do it right. As the investigation continues, findings are reviewed and analyzed for accuracy and relevance. Investigative results are then compiled and timely reports are completed and submitted to our clients. Our investigative techniques are carefully designed and implemented to lawfully gather information in all situations. We are especially careful in the most sensitive situations, such as substance-abuse investigations or sexual-harassment investigations. We heed all state and federal statutory regulations as well as professional sector liability for unlawful surveillance. We take care not to violate anyone’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

TomThomas M. Rucke is an experienced investigator who concentrates his practice in the area of fraud investigations. He brings his experience as a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer to every investigation. He has served as a lead investigator in many complex investigations throughout the United States. He has successfully investigated large scale fraud schemes that targeted businesses, banks and government institutions. His efforts have resulted in the identification, arrest and conviction of numerous members of organized groups involved in Identify Theft and Fraudulent Investment Schemes.

Tom’s current concentration is in the area of litigation support and identification and elimination of fraud in businesses in Minnesota. He has received many awards for his work including awards from the Secretary of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service.

As the founder of Cadfael Investigative Group, Tom takes special care in hiring his team of investigators and is diligent about overseeing their work. Tom puts his final stamp of approval on all work product before it is delivered to our clients.

Tom M. Rucke Resume


DanaDana M. Smyser joined Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. as a senior investigator. Dana is a Marine Veteran with a 29-year career in police work. He served 25 years with the Minneapolis Police Department, receiving several awards and commendations. His investigative experience includes sex crimes, robbery, homicides, financial crimes and major crimes. He was a lieutenant/supervisor for 15 years, 10 of those years supervising investigative units in financial crimes and property crimes. Dana demonstrates a high degree of integrity in the field of investigations.

He concentrates his efforts in the area of litigation support and business investigations. Dana was a highly respected member of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Jeff-Burchett-1Jeffrey V. Burchett joined Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. as a senior investigator. He has 23 years of Law Enforcement investigative experience, with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), and four years of Homeland Security background experience. Jeff has attended training seminars on narcotics, asset forfeiture, wiretaps, homicide, sexual assault, child abuse, gangs and background investigation. He has testified as an expert drug witness in both state and federal court and has presented investigations in both venues for prosecution. He has become proficient with cameras, and video recorders, as well as acquiring skills in interviewing, surveillance, and report analysis.


Kevin-Stewart-1Kevin Stewart is a Certified Forensic Interviewer and has been trained to interview, interrogate and analyze statement content. He knows how to spot and interview dishonest employees. Kevin has worked in loss prevention for large corporations for over nine years. He is an experienced consultant. His main focus with Cadfael Investigations is in the area of corporate security. Kevin’s primary responsibilities within Cadfael are to consult on cases that include theft, embezzlement, fraud, insurance fraud, financial crimes, organized retail crime, competitive intelligence, due diligence, anti-piracy, static and mobile surveillance, general loss interviewing, and background investigations.


Message From Founder

TomKeenly looking out for your best interests

Thank you for your interest in Cadfael Investigative Group. I started Cadfael after over 30 years of experience as a federal law enforcement officer. I saw a need for quality investigative services in the professional sector of our economy. Too often investigations were ignored by public officials; too often investigations were misdiagnosed and the victim was erroneously thought to be the perpetrator; and too many professional investigators were not up to the challenges that confronted business and attorneys in the new millennium. Our society needed ethical and professional investigators to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world; a business climate that was no longer local, but global.

At Cadfael we provide a high quality of investigative services to our customers. Because our investigators have decades of experience, training and education, we can provide the facts to our clients. As we are committed to our customers, we continue to analyze the information we developed to obtain a clear and complete picture of what transpired so that we can suggest winning strategies. This serves as a basis for sound business and/or legal decisions that give our customers a real advantage.

Please let us know how we can help you. We want to learn about the details of the challenges facing your business or the cases you are now working. We offer a free confidential consultation. After listening to you we can suggest winning strategies and tactics that will provide you with the best advantage possible.

Having one professional investigative service based on ethics and professionalism is not enough. We are working to persuade others to join us in offering the most accurate information to our clients. We are also interested in training new investigators in the art of investigation and the value of ethical behavior. Together we are beginning to spiral this industry upward to new levels of respectability, efficiency and effectiveness.

Thank you for visiting our Web site. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thomas M. Rucke
President and Chief Investigator
Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.