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Uncover and eradicate threats that put your business at risk

In today’s business environment it is imperative to the future success of a business to uncover and eradicate current threats, and put an effective contingency plan in place to prevent future threats.

Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. has over 35 years experience working with fraud. We know and understand the fraud schemes that plague businesses. We are skilled and know how to identify, eradicate and prevent fraud that threatens the bottom line and future of a business. We are focused on fact finding, not fault finding. We train your employees what to look for and who to notify when fraud is suspected.

When we conduct security surveys we do our due diligence and provide you valuable information to secure your business. Our security surveys will improve your operation and security services, and provide you a large return for a small investment.

Cadfael investigators take on the responsibility of minimizing the effects of fraud and lets the business get back to work.

To minimize risk for your business we recommend you have us conduct all three phases of our security services below:

Security Surveys

Facility Risk Assessment – This thorough assessment identifies weaknesses in your security system, along with behaviors and conditions that put your business and assets at risk.

Personnel Security Assessments – This assessment provides security awareness for your business. It identifies employee vulnerabilities both inside and outside your building and brings attention to practices that may be hazardous to the welfare of your employees.

Contingency Planning – Once we have conducted the above assessments we put together a solid contingency plan that will protect your business from future threats.

Fraud Analysis

In today’s economy a business cannot afford to lose money, product or intellectual property due to fraud. Fraud schemes decrease businesses’ profit margins. Many times businesses do not realize fraud is occurring until there is a significant loss.

Loss due to fraud can be prevented with proper analysis and identification. Our fraud assessments and analyses identify fraud schemes currently taking place and allow you to stop the fraud and take appropriate steps to recoup your losses and see that justice is served.