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Business Consulting FAQs

Frequently asked questions answered for you

Q. What is business consulting as it relates to professional investigations?

A. We first listen to the challenges you face and then suggest winning strategies that can be used to resolve those challenges.

Ever wonder what makes a business an attractive target for thieves? Thieves look for weaknesses in a business’ security systems and procedures. Even though most businesses are targeted, it is the ones that do not conduct periodic checks of their security systems, and miss warning signs that should be investigated more thoroughly that are more attractive to thieves. These businesses suffer the most severe losses.

Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. identifies weaknesses as well as potential compromises of the safety and security of your company and its assets.

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Q. What is involved in a security survey?

A. Cadfael offers three general security surveys.

  • Facility Risk Assessment: This thorough assessment identifies weaknesses in your security system or security measures that you and your employees rely on for safety. This assessment also identifies behaviors and conditions that put your business and assets at risk.
  • Personnel Security Assessment: This assessment provides security awareness for your business. It identifies employee vulnerabilities both inside and outside your building and focuses attention to practices that may be hazardous to the welfare of your employees.
  • Contingency Planning: At the completion of the facility risk assessment and/or the personal security assessments we meet with you to help you formulate a plan to protect your business from future threats.

Upon completion of each assessment we provide you with a written report of recommended security improvements.

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Q.What is the benefit to me?

A. If you make the security improvements we recommend, you will reduce the risk of your business becoming the victim of a crime. Most improvements are simple and inexpensive. However, being a victim of crime can be very costly to you and your business. Such on-site inspections or consultations are invaluable as they keep your business on track to increased profitability.

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Q. How much does it cost?

A. Like most things the cost depends on the extent of what we do. We first need to do an assessment of your business to judge the size and complexity of the task facing us. Then we provide you a written proposal including the price. Normally our security surveys take only a few hours. We discuss our findings with you immediately after completion and provide you with a written report of suggested security improvements. Should you desire additional services, we will first provide you with a written proposal that will include the cost.

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Q. Why Cadfael?

A. Cadfael’s highly trained specialists protect your business by identifying risks and suggesting practical and intelligent security measures. We look for behavior patterns and warning signs that can disrupt your business and compromise your security and safety. We make recommendations of what you can do to effectively reduce your risks and avoid serious threats, which could cost your business thousands of dollars.

We provide you the most important tool in crime prevention, which is having someone from the outside, who is experienced in fraud, come in and survey your facility and personnel. We know what to look for and see your operation with fresh eyes.

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