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Corporations and Businesses Owners FAQs

Frequently asked questions answered for you

Q. Why can’t I do the investigations myself?

A. You can try to do your own investigations. However, your time is better spent focused on running your business. Why would you want to spend your time doing what a skilled fraud investigator is trained to do?

Complex fraud investigations are not the territory for the untrained. In the art of investigation, things are not always as they initially appear to be.

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Q. What can a professional fraud investigator do for my business?

A. Our highly trained and experienced professional fraud investigators are well suited to conduct timely and prompt internal investigations for corporations and businesses. Our internal investigation practice draws on our decades of experience representing the interest of large businesses including issues such as fraud, threats and assaults, embezzlement and misconduct by executives. We have also investigated health care fraud, false statements, and procurement frauds. Timely results from these investigations provide support for your business and your management.

Effective investigations that resolve ethical and illegal issues in the workplace have a positive effect on job satisfaction and the continued success of employees. Satisfaction is enhanced by demonstrating that those who engage in non-productive activities such as fraud and theft are not tolerated. Other employees receive the satisfaction that they work for an industry leader committed to doing the right thing, and that your company will reward them for their contribution to organizational goals and provide opportunity for personal growth and success.

Your business as a whole can now achieve a higher degree of commercial success. Business owners who receive accurate facts as to what is occurring in their business can now identify winning strategies that give your business a real advantage over your competition. Continuing along this path can actually set your company apart from your competitors. In the end you can say, we succeeded by doing the right thing the right way.

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Q. What will hiring a professional investigator do for me or my business?

A. Use of the skills of an experienced professional fraud investigator can minimize or even avoid the financial and legal nightmare that comes from hiring a person with an unsuitable criminal record, falsified credentials, or another issue that makes this employee dangerous, unqualified or otherwise unfit for a position in your company. Consider the Minneapolis law firm that hired an attorney who practiced for a number of months before the firm learned that this person did not have a law degree, did not pass the bar and was not licensed to practice law in this state. How embarrassing must it have been to contact those customers who received legal advice from him?

Professional fraud investigators can also help reduce workplace violence, theft, fraud and other problems by identifying problems that may exist and suggesting strategies to resolve these issues while they are small and before civil suits are filed.

By eliminating undesirable elements from your work force your business will attract talented employees who search for companies that are leaders in their industry. Such companies provide an atmosphere conducive to increase productivity and competitive pay.

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Q. We use a supervisor or our human resource department to conduct internal investigations. Is this a problem?

A. Don’t take a chance with the future of your businesses success. If you have a problem that requires an objective, independent investigation you should hire a professional investigator. It will save you time and money. Your problem will be alleviated quickly without it growing into a larger problem or taking your focus away from your company. Using a professional to solve problems is a wise strategy.

A professional investigator is highly skilled and a valuable resource for you and your company. Find a good one and use him or her as needed. At Cadfael we offer free consultation to our clients so they can have our input as to whether an issue is serious enough to require a professional. Call us at (763) 694-6086. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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Q. Why use a professional fraud investigator?

A. Professional fraud investigators are qualified and valuable to you because of their years of experience working fraud case. They will provide you additional knowledge, information and strategies that will bring added value to you and your business.

A good professional fraud investigator will enhance your efficiency and effectiveness by discovering what is happening in your business by finding out facts. He or she will then bring you those facts and will recommend winning strategies.

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Q. What should I look for in a fraud investigator?

A. When looking for a professional fraud investigator to assist you with white collar cases you want to look for someone who is trained and skilled in fraud. You want someone who will be able to properly analyze your case, who has handled hundreds of similar investigations and who is familiar with the twists and turns of various fraud schemes. To help you accomplish this we have created a questionnaire for you to use.

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Q. How can I determine if an investigator is experienced and qualified to conduct fraud investigations?

A. Finding an effective investigator is a challenge in itself. Finding one with the ability and experience to analyze fraud schemes is not easy. We suggest asking probing questions of the investigator as to his or her experience in conducting fraud investigations. The answers should reveal the types and complexity of fraud schemes they have conducted. Cadfael investigators are always available to assist in your search to suggest questions, analyze answers and evaluate candidates to insure you have the best possible investigator.

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Q. What makes Cadfael Investigative Group qualified?

A. Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. is more than just licensed, bonded and insured. We are a team of highly trained and experienced fraud investigators. We have worked hundreds of investigations involving the prosecution of white collar criminal case before judges and juries. We will always properly analyze your situation. We are familiar with the twists and turns of fraud schemes. We understand the criminal statutes and will not get lost in complex investigations. We are motivated to aggressively seek out all information related to your investigation.

Conducting an investigation is an art. There is much more involved than simply looking up and copying a record. It involves gathering information from various sources, analyzing and verifying that information to determine accuracy and completeness. Once this is completed we present you with an objective appraisal of this information in a manner that you can easily use in the best interests of your business. Our investigators have decades of experience. We put this experience to work for you and your business.

We comb through available information and evidence to determine what has been gathered, and what may have been missed. We conduct professional quality interviews to gather information and evidence that may have been overlooked, ignored or not recognized as valuable.

We not only have the experience and ability to accomplish the task you need done but we have the demeanor that will reflect positively on you and your professional image — both to your clients and your peers. We are committed to using our skills, experience and dedication to secure the best results for your company. We work hard for your businesses success. Don’t take a chance with your business; hire a professional fraud investigator today.

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Q. Why should I use Cadfael Investigative Group?

A. We always provide you the facts on which you can base sound business decisions. It is critical to your success to know what is happening in your business environment.

Let our team help you resolve the problems your business faces. This process demonstrates to your employees that you care about them and their productivity. It motivates them to do an even better job.

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Q. What should I expect when hiring Cadfael Investigative Group?

A. When you hire Cadfael Investigative Group you can expect us to set up a meeting with you to identify goals and objectives. This ensures we are on the same page and working toward the same goals.

You should expect and will receive a quality investigation conducted by an experienced partner to achieve the best result for your business.

During our investigation we work nonstop to provide answers to many of the questions that existed at the start of the investigation, and to dispel many inaccurate theories that may have been considered.

At every phase of our investigation we communicate with you so you know what we know.

Throughout and at the conclusion of our investigation we analyze and verify the information gathered. We then prepare this information in a user-friendly and understandable format.

Once prepared, we deliver this information to you in person. This allows us to review our findings, answer any and all questions you might have and suggest strategies that are in the best interest of your business; giving you a real advantage.

We are always available to testify. We will always represent you and your business in a professional manner. We are trained and experienced in testifying in a court of law.

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Q. What services do you provide?

A. We help businesses with their day to day issues. We know and understand that prompt, quality investigations keep your business focused and profitable.

Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. provides the following services:

  • Due Diligence
  • Background Checks
  • Internal Investigations
  • Internal Misconduct Investigations
  • Investigations/Surveillance
  • Misappropriation of Property Investigations
  • Purchase Order Fraud Investigations
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Site Security Analysis
  • Theft by Conversion Investigations
  • Theft by Deception Investigations
  • Theft of Services Investigations
  • Travel Voucher Fraud Investigations
  • Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

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Q. How can I keep abreast of the frauds that are currently active?

A. Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. publishes a monthly newsletter containing information on how you can avoid becoming a victim of a crime. We publish information about fraud schemes currently operating in the United States. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of fraud is to recognize the scheme for what it is and avoid it. The articles describe the scheme, how it works and what the new twists are and how they are employed. To obtain a copy of future newsletters, call Cadfael at (763) 694-6086 to give us your name and email address. This is a fantastic offer. And it is FREE! Please click here to subscribe.

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