iStock_000012573314XSmallTrial was nearly over. After three weeks of long days of testimony from witnesses, experts, and a few characters of questionable backgrounds, it was time for closing arguments, each attorney’s last attempt to persuade the jury to find in favor of his or her client. Weeks of preparation, analysis and planning had come down to this. The jury was tired, and not only did each attorney need to make a compelling presentation, he also had to obtain and maintain the jury’s attention.

One attorney began by summarizing all the evidence in this trial. He went through it piece by piece in a strong and compelling manner. He spoke of each witness by name and highlighted the testimony they presented. He supplemented his summation with professional quality graphics, so each juror could visualize each point of his summary as he made it. This is a powerful and under-utilized, technique. Professional quality courtroom graphics can help you effectively communicate your case to the jury.

The experienced investigators at Cadfael can help you select the most compelling approach to focus the jury’s attention on the facts presented in your case.  We support our client attorneys with the use of courtroom graphics to effectively present their theory of the case, emphasizing the issues for jury consideration that may persuade them to decide a case in the manner in which you presented it.

As part of your litigation team, we will help you present your client’s account of what happened in a manner designed to have the maximum impact on the jury. How can we do this? We are members of the litigation team, so we know the case very well. We work with you to review and analyze evidence, interview witnesses, and develop additional witnesses and evidence. Armed with this information and our experience we can help you shape your strategy, including graphic presentations that can have a positive impact on the jury.

Let us put our experience to work for you! Cadfael investigators understand that every case is unique, and each trial requires customized graphics. We also know it is worth the time it takes, because an attorney who can show an exhibit, graph, timeline, etc. to a witness and have the jury see it at the same time may make a more compelling case and offer several advantages to our clients.