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Many times when people are faced with what they believe may be a legal problem they are unsure how to proceed.  Cadfael Investigative Group is here for you.  We can help you figure out if you need a lawyer and how best to proceed to find a good one. 
We can help guide you through your dilemma to answer important questions like:

  • What should I do immediately?
  • Is it really a legal problem?
  • Should I call a lawyer?
  • How can you find a lawyer who can help you with your specific type of problem?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Are there any other considerations I should know about?

Cadfael Investigative Group provides a free one hour consultation where we can listen to your problem and give you some advice how to best get the proper representation you need to defend yourself.  The first thing you may want to do is to gather and preserve all the evidence.  Evidence that could show you in a true light of the situation, may be eroding as we speak.  Also memories of witnesses are fading or being compromised by being influenced by others.  The longer the time between the incident and where you are in this process, the more difficult it will be to find and preserve evidence of what occurred.  You may be faced with limited choices if no effort has been made by you to preserve the evidence or interview witnesses.

The issue that is challenging you is also important.  Do you have a legal problem or are you entangled in a different problem.  Contacting a lawyer for advice is generally a good idea but which lawyer?  Most lawyers specialized in different parts of the law.  You may want one that specialized in the type of law now facing you.  And you may want one who is well experienced in this area of the law.  We may be able to help you.

When you select a lawyer and make your first appointment be sure to bring with you all the related documents and materials to bring your attorney up to date as to the status of your problem.  Be ready to give the lawyer all the background information you have that relates to this situation.  In some cases you may receive an answer to your problem at this first meeting.  If your problem requires work beyond this meeting ask the lawyer about their fees and payment arrangements before proceeding with legal representation.  You may want to have a list of questions you want to ask your attorney.

Keep good records.  Document all information about the incident as you can.  Consider hiring a private investigator to review the incident as well as analyze and critique any reports about the incident.  Do not accept anything as fact until it has been scrutinized by a private investigator.

Hiring a lawyer, private investigator, et al to help you confront the situation your in will cost you.  Living in this county gives you the right to defend yourself.  But it will take time and effort on the part of the professionals you hire to adequately defend yourself. 

Finding yourself in a difficult and unfamiliar situation can be unsettling as many times this is a unique challenge for you.  Hang in there.  Help is here. 

Call Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.  for a free one-hour consultation at (763) 694-6086.  We may be able to help you get started on a positive path to resolving the issues confronting you.