The threat of internal fraud existing and eating away your profits is an unfortunate reality of our time.  Fortunately, we provide consulting services to illuminate how your business organization is functioning and what threats you may be vulnerable to or are now lurking just beneath the surface. We help business owners identify and confront current fraud scheme threats and put effective contingency plans in place to prevent future fraud schemes.  We encourage you to seriously consider adapting some Prevention Measures to protect your business. A Facility Risk Assessment is a thorough assessment of your business structure, conducted both inside and outside, to identify any weaknesses in your business security system.  A Facility Risk Assessment, combined with knowledge of accepted behavioral patterns and current economic and geographical conditions paints a clear picture of the fraud risks facing your business.

In a Personnel Security Assessment an experienced investigator examines the security practices and awareness of your employees.  We strive to identify any and all employee vulnerabilities and focus our attention on those practices that may be hazardous to the welfare of your employees.

Once we have conducted Facility Risk and Personnel Security Assessments we help you develop a solid Contingency Plan to reduce fraud and protect your business from future threats.   Your Contingency Plan may focus on:

  1. Hiring the Best Employees.
    Finding new employees with the education and skills necessary to be an asset to your business is critical to your future profitability.  You also need employees who are honest and ethical.  Background checks are key for helping you find reliable and trustworthy employees.

  2. Effective Policies and Procedures.
    An experienced fraud investigator plays an essential role in the development of internal control procedures which aid employees in the prevention of future fraud activities.  Establishing and maintaining effective financial controls and the separation of financial duties are inexpensive and effective.

  3. Fraud Education.
    Your employees can be your best defense against fraud.  Most employees are honest and they don’t want to tolerate employee theft.  To get employees actively searching for fraud they need to be educated on what fraud looks like.  Having a tip line available to employees gives them both the means to alert management to the fraud scheme and the mechanism to remain anonymous.
Fraud schemes erode trust, morale, and profit margins, none of which you can afford to lose. Many businesses do not realize fraud is occurring until there is a significant loss or the scheme is uncovered during an audit.  Don’t open yourself to needless suffering from fraud. We can help you implement Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning that can save you money, your reputation, and heartache.  Don’t wait until your business suffers a loss. Call today for a risk assessment of your business.