You have been retained by a new client who has been accused of a fraud related crime.  You are anxious to present the best possible defense for this person.  You review the facts of the case, interview your client, and work diligently to come up with the best strategy for your client.  With your reputation and your client’s freedom on the line, is there anything more you should do?

A professional background investigation is an initial and fundamental investigative tool.  Information gleaned from a background investigation provides context about any circumstances that surround or influenced the event now under scrutiny.  Determining and validating this through follow up research by one familiar with fraud may be critical to you case.

Comprehensive Background Checks performed by an experience investigator can obtain useful information regarding those with a role in the investigation and those who will have a future role in any hearing.   Background Checks on your client, witnesses, those called by you and those testifying against your client are essential for evaluating their credibility and preparing you for potential court room drama.  Such information can also be used for probing during cross examination.  You will also have a better understanding of expert witnesses after receiving a background report.

The web is cluttered with sources wanting to sell you simple background reports.  For a small fee, usually less than one hundred dollars they will give you a dump of information pertaining to a name you entered.  Be aware that the information is neither correlated nor analyzed.  What you see is what you get, and what you do not get is a professional analysis of the information gathered to verify accuracy and to correlate like information under one heading for easy use.  The game is to whet your appetite and entice you to spend more money. Almost immediately after receiving the data you get an offer for more information on the same subject, for an additional fee, of course.

By contrast, a background investigation performed by an experienced, professional investigator gives you a distinct strategic advantage.  An experienced professional knows where to look for the basic information.  Upon finding information, the investigator’s experience gives him a range of anticipated answers or information obtained from the various sources of data.  Information outside of this range is considered a discrepancy.  Such discrepant information is then investigated further to determine whether or not the information is correct, and why.  A professional investigator’s goal is to provide you with accurate facts and protect you from appearing foolish by relying on false, fraudulent or misleading information or facts. It is not to make money by up selling you more and more data in piece meal fashion.

Once an experience professional investigator has obtained the basic background information he is able to identify additional sources where he can search to find more detailed information on the subject.  This is information which, collected over time, can reveal one’s true personality, flaws, and how he or she reacted to challenges in their lives.  This gives you a better idea of a person’s true character.

Background searches are best left to experienced professionals who possess a broad spectrum of knowledge and the ability to probe into the meaning of an event.  By relying on a professional investigator attorneys can be better prepared to represent their clients effectively and efficiently, as well as represent more clients, as a professional investigator gives them the time and the confidence to focus what they do best – the practice of law.

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