One of the first things I learned working “undercover” was “Don’t Go It Alone.”   Many of us want to work independently to prove that we can do it by ourselves or to avoid the aggravation of trying to persuading others to see the benefits of our strategy and tactics.  Working together invites conflict around logistics, coordination, and reduced profit. But have you thought about the advantages a skilled professional can offer your defense?

Representing a client accused of a crime is a huge responsibility. He or she is facing the potential loss of freedom, loss of their civil rights, and loss of personal assets; each is a serious matter, and it is important that the client be afforded the best defense possible. This now requires a full defense team to ensure that everything is done to keep an innocent man out of jail.  It is imperative that defense attorneys hire skilled professionals to assist them in preparing their client’s defense.


A Criminal Defense Team is comprised of at least one dedicated criminal law attorney, a professional investigator, an experienced financial investigator, and the necessary experts in the field. Each member of the team shares the same goal – “to provide the best possible defense for our client”. At Cadfael we spend the time necessary to provide you with all possible information and evidence and to identify any additional resources we believe are needed. Our goal is to help you win more cases and strengthen your position to make the best possible plea bargains for your client.

Each of our investigators has decades of experience in criminal cases, especially white collar crime. We have a combined courtroom track record of never having lost a case. We have an excellent reputation among our peers. Our high standards of ethical conduct and investigative protocols have distinguished our investigators in the private investigator industry.


It has been common for defense attorneys to defend a client largely by themselves. Defense attorneys would gather the evidence against their client, review it and strategize to develop the best defense possible.  Too often the attorney’s most persuasive argument was to convince his client that the State had a strong case against him and that he should take a negotiated plea.

With this traditional model of doing business, only a single attorney was assigned to a case, and if a professional investigator was involved it was only to resolve a minor issue such as locating a witness. The investigator lacked the time, expertise, or invitation to analyze the police report, determine if the client was telling the truth, and add additional insights to the case.

An attorney cannot be an expert in every type of criminal charge, and most are not trained in the art of investigation. They may not be familiar with police protocol, how reports are made, line-up, what is told to witnesses, and many more facets of investigation.  Our investigators are experts. Our investigators can identify where the investigation got out of hand and why your client may not be guilty of the charges filed against him. 
The dynamics of criminal defense has changed. Past ways of conducting legal business may not the best way now, nor will they be in the future.


Our investigative team is primed for each case. We know that it will be a fight to uncover all the evidence in a particular case, and each case will require our full devotion.  Our investigation is continually monitored by our Chief Investigator to insure each lead is being developed and all discrepancies are being resolved. Our philosophy ensures that we are responsive to you at a moment’s notice. We work efficiently and effectively to give you everything you need to accomplish your objective.

We have assembled a team of seasoned fraud investigators and have close associates in computer forensics, polygraph examination, and experts that we regularly work with and can readily contact to expedite your requests. Our investigators are accustomed to investigating some of the most challenging cases.  Our experience and extensive training provides us with an advantage that we transfer to you and your client.

By developing a Criminal Defense Team, we help you provide the best possible strategy for your clients. By partnering with Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. we provide you with the facts of the crime and the investigation so that you can obtain improved plea offers and win more cases.

If you would like more information on the value we can bring to your practice and your clients, contact Cadfael at (763) 694-6086.