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The services offered by Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. reflect the investigative skill, knowledge and experience we have gained over thirty-five years of education, training and conducting investigations first hand. To know when, where and how much of a particular skill to utilize in an investigation is a skill we have mastered.

When hiring Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. you will receive a thorough and professional investigation that will provide you accurate facts. These facts will allow you to develop winning strategies that give you a real advantage.

Before we start to work your case it is imperative that we consult with you to assure we are on the same page. During this initial consultation we listen carefully to the challenges you face; gather all the information you have; gain your insight to the case; discuss the goals to be achieved; and suggest strategies and tactics to resolve those challenges in the most advantages manner.


Background Investigations: Your business will have an advantage when you conduct background investigations prior to hiring new employees and vendors. We conduct extensive background checks that will help you protect your business and hire better.

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Due Diligence Investigations:  Before you agree to service a new customer that require significant credit, take on a new partner, or invest in a new business opportunity, it would be prudent for you to verify with whom you are getting involved. By doing your due diligence you could save your company a lot of money, time and embarrassment. At Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. we conduct comprehensive due diligence investigations that will protect you and your business.

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Fraud Investigations:  Work place fraud affects every business owner.  If you suspect fraud you are probably right and need help to identify and prove the fraud. We know and understand fraud.  We identify the fraud you are experiencing and help eradicate it from your business.

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Fraud Prevention Workshops: Your clients will greatly benefit by learning how to detect and identify fraud in their business. Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. offers fraud workshops on fraud detection and identification, as well as identity fraud and how to avoid being a victim of a crime. To learn about our fraud prevention workshops click here. To book a fraud prevention workshop please call us at (763) 694-6086.

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Pre-Deposition Interviews provide a clear understanding of what the witness recalls. This allows for precise questions to be asked—succinct answers to be given—no more, no less. This will eliminate the element of surprise and strengthen the position of the case, which will give you an advantage.

Our experienced investigators are astute interviewer. We conduct our interviews in a less formal, more relaxed environment. We are highly trained to ask the right questions, listen closely and analyze what is being said and not said. We observe and understand the non-verbal’s of the interviewee’s reactions. We probe deeper with the right questions, at the right times to obtain any additional information and to ascertain the accuracy of the facts.

Many times, just reviewing the incident helps the witness recollect more of the event. After the interview we provide you a detailed memorandum of interview.

This experience interviewing process provides you an interview “roadmap and an assessment of the witness’ credibility.

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Professional Interviewing:  If you have identified an employee or other person engaged in misconduct it is to your best interest to know the facts and resolve the issue quickly.  We conduct professional quality interviews, as an objective outsider, to help you learn the facts needed to resolve the issue quickly.

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Surveillance: If you have a need to gather additional evidence or essential information to prove or disprove an allegation, surveillance could be the best investigative tool to capture the information and evidence you need.  Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. conducts surveillance investigations discreetly and effectively without causing any interruptions to your business.

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Testifying: Testifying is an important skill set a professional investigator needs to have. One can study how to testify, practice and prepare but the honing of this skill is done through experience. Experience teaches us what not to do, where education only teaches us what to do. 

Cadfael Investigators are experienced in testifying. We have testified in federal and state courts, before magistrates, at both civil and administrative proceedings.  We make a good impression on the Trier of fact. We dress appropriately, behave properly and speak with confidence and respect. We are confident in our investigative protocols and findings. Our testimony reflects that a thorough investigation has been conducted and can withstand hostile and aggressive cross examination without being discredited or diminished.

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Work Place Investigations:  Threats, assaults, embezzlement and theft do occur in business. When they do, you need an experience investigator to determine and report what happened so prompt administrative action can be taken. We are experienced in workplace investigations and will provide the information you need to take appropriate action.

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